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How To Remove Dust From TV, Cabinets & Lamps?

Dust normally comprises of human skin cells, fabric fibers, pet dander, hair, regular dirt, and other numerous micro particles. All these elements normally combine to form dust, which usually form a fuzzy film on literally any surface that they can settle on or just float around. These numerous micro particles normally come with many disadvantages that directly affect the health of human beings, the functioning, and appearance of assets. Due to this, dust ends up being a menace to human life.


Some of the factors that make dust to be very irritating include the following;

• They make the accessories to be dull and dirty. If the dust settles on the surface of TV, cabinets or lambs it is very common for the accessories to appear dull and dirty, which can be extremely embarrassing (Imagine your cabinets screaming for a good cleaning, to anyone who cares to listen)

• The electronic accessories such as TV and lambs have the tendency to attract dust, hence making this chore to be a never-ending chore (this is debatably the worst chore, trust me). This makes the chore to be very common; this is because you can never evade dust like forever.

• Dust always reappears, after dusting has been conducted. This is very common especially if a wrong tool was used during dusting. Some dusting tool increases the static level of the accessory being cleaned, especially if used in exclusion of other elements, this ends up attracting dust. Ineffective dusting can also cause the dust to fly and land somewhere new; through this, you will have technically transferred the dust to a new location.

Considering the fact that dust is literally irritating, dusting has always been necessary. Despite the fact that dusting is extremely necessary, majority of people normally have difficulty conducting this never ending chore mainly because they are using the wrong tool. This makes it to be very difficult, especially when it is necessary to clean and maintain those precious assets that you can’t picture them being dull and dirty. Due to inefficient dusting, the dust normally reappears almost immediately after dusting has allegedly been conducted. The person conducting dusting can also end up smearing the dust instead of wiping it. Here are some tools that are imperative during dusting and yet common;

• Baby wipes
In a market full of tools that tend to conduct dusting effectively, it is very difficult to choose a tool that will conduct dusting effectively. But did you know that one of the most effective dusting tools is within your ambit, as a matter of fact right there in your home. Baby wipes are one of the best dusting tools that are without doubt readily available and economical too. These baby wipes can be reused, you just need to launder them before putting them into use. Baby wipes not only remove dusts from TV, cabinets and lamps, but they do it effectively too.


• Toothpick
Dirt can be found in those hard to reach areas, the areas that your baby wipe will definitely not reach. This should not worry you, because with a toothpick you will be able to remove the dust, especially the ones that are cobweb like. And just like the baby wipes toothpicks are economical and easily accessible too. Toothpicks also come in handy to ensure your dusting ceremony is effective enough, especially where the baby wipe is not effective enough.

• Socks
Socks can be the alternative of baby wipe or gloves. Socks are not only economical but effective too. You can use the socks like gloves before conducting dusting or when you are dusting your TV, cabinet or lamp. Will you forget wasting your precious money on buying those expensive gadgets and gloves for a while?

• Paintbrushes
Paintbrushes another dusting tool that I bet is easily available. You only need to dip the paintbrush in a liquid and then go straight for that cleaning. After the paintbrush, cleaning you can use a cloth or baby wipe to dry the cleaning conducted by the brush. Paintbrushes are effective in removing dust from TV’s, cabinets and lamps.

• Gloves
When dusting TV, cabinet and lamps it is crucial to use gloves. The softer the material (the one used for dusting) the more efficient dusting will be. This can only be achieved with gloves; hence, it is essential to always wear gloves during the dusting process.

• Oven mitts
As much as oven mitts are effective in Kitchen, they are effective during dusting too. They are effective during polishing, you only need to apply wax, and you have a polishing tool.


With the above tools, it is imperative to use the following components to ensure your dusting process is efficient enough;

• Fabric softening liquid
This fabric softening liquid is crucial in the whole dusting process. If during the dusting process the liquid is not used, dust is bound to reappear within few minutes after you have conducted your cleaning. This is attributed to the fact that TV’s, lamps and lamps have that static cling that will always attract dust, hence the liquid is crucial in eliminating the static cling that always attract dust. Therefore, during dusting, the cloth intended to be used for dusting should be dampen with the fabric softening liquid.

• Fabric softener sheets
Most electronics, TV’s, and lamps included are electronically charged. Due to this, they are vulnerable to dust; this is because the charge always attracts dust. Hence, do not be surprised to realize that you are TV and lamp has always been the host to the always-embarrassing dust. This fabric softener sheets are designed to ensure the static cling that is very strong in electronic devices is reduced. This will prevent the dust from resettling for at least a day or two. This makes it to be essential in dust cleaning.

When the cleaning is conducted, especially to the electronic equipment’s like the TV and Lamp, you should always unplug the electronics before wiping them with a damp cloth; this is purely for precautionary purposes.

With the above tools and components, you are bound to remove the ever-irritating dust from TV’s, cabinets and lamps. This is through regular dusting using the right tools and components. You not only enjoy a clean environment when you remove the dust from the TV, lamp and cabinet but you also enjoy a super clean surface that is not covered with that embarrassing gray haze.


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