7 Useful Tips On HDB Spring Cleaning

Spring typically entails thorough house cleaning since it’s a bright time for everyone, where moods are lifted, and people delight in a new environment. The renowned annual spring cleaning for a better and healthier home is in line with this.

Nowadays, many people live in towering HDB units in Singapore. If you reside in one unit, you must also know how to clean your place correctly. Doing it the right way will help you achieve a spic and span, organized surroundings without the need for extensive efforts, getting frustrated, and not having to make huge adjustments in your budget.

Spring cleaning does not necessarily mean that it will be time-consuming. Gaining information on how to do it best can guide you toward a condo with an inviting springtime feel. To top it off, the process itself can be fun and exciting!

Benefit HDB Spring Cleaning
Thorough Cleaning ✔ Professional cleaners will clean every nook and cranny of your HDB unit, ensuring that it is spotless
Time-Saving ✔ Saves you time and effort, allowing you to focus on other important tasks
Customizable Services ✔ Services can be customized according to your specific needs and preferences example, kitchen cleaning, window cleaning etc
Professional Quality ✔ Professional cleaners have the expertise and equipment to provide high-quality cleaning services
Health and Safety ✔ Spring cleaning can help improve indoor air quality, remove allergens and dust, and reduce the risk of illness
Cost-Effective ✔ Affordable pricing for comprehensive cleaning services

Below are 7 useful tips to make spring cleaning more efficient, productive, and a lot easier for you:

Primarily, before even thinking about anything else and how you will go about doing things, it is important to prepare everything you need for cleaning your unit. All cleaning supplies must be made ready beforehand, and it’s best to have them listed down so you will not miss out on any cleaning tool. HDB owners would require a number of useful cleaning materials which must be prepared so that your spring cleaning will not be hindered and slowed down for any reason. You will typically need a duster, cleaning spray, glass cleaner, paper towels, sponge, and vacuum cleaner. Surely you’ll be needing garbage bags to throw out clutter around your HDB unit, such as some products in the kitchen. Scout for these spring cleaning supplies days before or even months ahead and bundle them together in one place.

You can opt to start from your HDB condo’s bedroom, to make it more comfortable for you and provide unbeatable relaxation once you’re done with your spring cleaning. You may start with the tasks that you feel are heavier, so you get motivated once you have finished in this certain area, then the rest of the house seems less challenging to tidy up. Maybe you will want to clean the bathroom first and leave it smelling fresh, or the kitchen where there may be a number of expired goods that have stayed on its shelf for too long. Having a plan allows you to seamlessly follow through and complete your spring cleaning in a timely manner.

Though you may have had a tiring day or have a lot of things to attend to, washing dishes should never be left out. You may only end up having to do more when dirty dishes such as plates, utensils, glasses, pots and pans, linger for a long time in your kitchen. It may even lead to unwanted health problems that can be more costly in the long run rather than the cost of simple cleaning supplies and the short time you will be washing them clean.

Bed covers, pillowcases, blankets, and the mattress itself are ideally kept clean. Do the laundry or have them done regularly, which pertains not only to bedroom linen but to all dirty clothes. Kids and adults alike, it is sometimes inevitable that some clothes are left lying around the house. It is quite pleasant to smell a fresh and clean bedroom. Moreover, you can have a much-needed good night’s sleep when you have peace of mind that all things are kept clean for the utmost well-being of your family.

As much as you try to keep it dry, a bathroom can still retain moisture most of the time since it is where daily routine that makes you feel good such as taking a bath or a shower takes place. Therefore, you should clean it regularly to avoid mold and bacteria from forming. Frequent cleaning would keep it smelling fresh and much more comfortable to use.

Many overlook cleaning their upholstery, but is one home element that can accumulate dust and dirt, and organisms that can be harmful to health. Your favorite chair, living room sofa or couch must be cleaned regularly as well, ideally once a month. Covers can be cleaned by professional laundry services. A living room with a clean sofa in the center of the room is more inviting, appealing to sit on, and gives off a nice impression to guests as well.

The floors within your HDB unit must be cleaned not only to make it look better, but to ward off undesirable materials like pet dander, mud, dirt and dust. There are various vacuum cleaners that are designed to glide smoothly on floors, carpets and stairs. These appliances let you easily reach ceilings, corners and nooks and other hard to reach places. This way, you observe proper care and maintenance of your home and make it the best place to be!

These 7 useful tips are bound to serve its purpose of letting you achieve spring cleaning with ease. However, in today’s modern, fast-paced lifestyles observed by countless individuals, people simply do not have the luxury of time to do it. If you include yourself in such situation where you hardly find time for other things, this is where you can hire spring cleaning professionals like Spring Cleaning Singapore and have it done quickly and without any fuss. What matters most is your place ends up thoroughly cleaned with the quality of service they will do for you. Spring cleaning is a must because your family deserves only the best, and living in a clean, hygienic place makes for a cozy HDB apartment which creates a beautiful home sweet home.

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