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Why It Is Important To Clean Your Home After Renovation

In Singapore, house renovation is a common, but usually stressing occurrence, especially when one is living in the same house during the renovation period. As expected, many Singaporeans are relieved when the process gets over and done with successfully.


After renovation comes post-renovation cleaning to get rid of dust, stains, waste particles, dried cement and other debris that may have been left hanging around by the renovation company. A top-down clean up is what is needed at this stage – from the ceiling, all way down to the floor. If you are wondering if a thorough clean-up is really necessary when you all you want at this point is to quickly tidy up and get back to your normal routine, a comprehensive clean-up is a necessity and not an option, no mater how you look at it. Here is why:

• Toxic elements –
after renovation, it is not unusually for some toxic elements, such as paint containers, to be left lying around in and out of the house. If not quickly gotten rid of, toxic elements can have a negative effect on the occupants of your newly-renovated home, pets included. Excess dust is another harmful component that can affect the general well-being of children persons allergic to dust if not cleaned up at once.

• Potential issues –
a thorough clean up is also important because it can help identify potential incompetency issues, such as scratches on surfaces and shoddily painted walls. In most cases, such issues can only be identified after a comprehensive cleaning job, not a regular clean-up. A thorough clean-up exercise is, therefore, important as it can help you to recover the value of your renovation should the need arise.

• Polishing the job up –
often, the reason Singaporeans decide to renovate their homes is to attract potential buyers after the renovation or in the near future. A thorough clean-up can polish up the renovation process by making sure your home looks its very best during an open house event.


Unless you are a professional cleaner, it is necessary to hire a professional house cleaning service to achieve the best results. In a bid to save some cash, some Singaporeans opt to clean up their houses after a reformation or renovation job and almost always end up with very poor results.

Almost all areas of your home will be filled with dirt after a renovation process, including the floor, walls, ceiling, carpet, curtains, roof, toilet, cabinets, bedrooms, and so on. This means that even if you have the know-how to clean your carpet in a professional way, you will need a professional ceiling cleaner and vice versa.

It is, therefore, a good idea to spend money of a professional cleaning service if you really hope to get real value from your renovation efforts.

While we are at it, it is worth mentioning that not all house cleaning companies offer a full-package service in Singapore. Some companies will only offer carpet and curtain cleaning services; others will offer compound cleaning while others will only offer to clean your toilets. In spite of this, it is quite easy to locate a house cleaning service in Singapore that offers comprehensive service, especially after renovation. When looking for cleaning services, always remember to ask for the company’s specialization beforehand.

So, how do you go about hiring a professional house cleaning service in Singapore after a renovation? Here’s how:

• Ask for recommendations from friends and family – t
his is the easiest way to identify the best house cleaning services in Singapore and its environs. Once an individual receives a good service, he or she will definitely never shy away from recommending the service to a friend, neighbor, or a relative.

• Search the internet –
some of the best cleaning services in Singapore have already established their websites online. A simple, “Singapore house cleaning service” search will produce relevant results. Always look at the customer reviews of a company to see what past clients have to say about their service.

• Don’t choose a cleaning company based on pricing –
it is a common practice for home owners, Singaporeans included, to choose a house cleaning service based on how low their prices are. While it is not a bad idea to compare prices in a bid to get reasonable rates, it is always wise to remember that cheap is in most case expensive and vice versa. Go for a service that is likely to deliver exceptionally regardless of pricing. Also, you may want to consider the fact that an after-renovation clean-up is a mega clean-up. If you really want to give your home that new look, then you must be willing to have it cleaned-up well.


• Make sure the company has an insurance policy –
this is another area many home owners ignore in a bid to hire the cheapest cleaning company they can locate. Hiring a company that doesn’t have insurance is very risky and could easily lead to a loss of time, money and manpower. In short, without insurance, a cleaning service will not be able to compensate should your property get damaged or stolen during the cleaning process. Renovating a home is not a cheap affair and having it damaged soon after can be very annoying. Choose a fully insured company and you can rest assured that your home will be in the best hand possible.

• Ask the company uses harmful cleaning chemicals –
if you have kids, pets, and persons with allergies living in your home, it is important to know exactly what kind of chemical agents that will be used during the cleaning process. If the cleaning company is not willing to share this information with you, chances are that they use toxic ingredients and you are better off looking for another service. Remember that you have the right to give instructions to the company you hire. If you don’t want them to use a particular cleaning agent, don’t be afraid to say so. Guide them into your home and treat them with respect, but be firm and extremely clear on your needs.

All in all, while after renovation clean-up is not something you may be looking forward to, it is important as it will help you to enjoy the maximum benefits of your renovation effort

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