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House Cleaning Tips

Cleaning the house daily can be a nightmare for working professionals as it is a time taking the process and can make you feel tired and lethargic at the very beginning of a day. Therefore, here comes the need of hiring cleaning services to ensure that the house is clean from unwanted bacteria and allergens. However, the process of hiring cleaning services can sometimes be quite tedious as it involves a lot of research and assurance of better services to ensure any kind of adverse effects for your family. Whether you are searching for a nanny, pet sitter, baby sitter, and senior care providers of house cleaning services, it can be quite difficult to find a right person to fill that particular job, especially if you have not gone through this procedure before.

House Cleaning tips

Safety should be the main concern of this hiring process to ensure that whichever person you are inviting into your house and life can be trusted not just for their services, but also for their behavior. You can ensure the right hire by following these below-mentioned guidelines.

Perform the third-party background check

With the advancement of technology, there are various processes that have become much easier and less complicated. You can simply access information about the potential buyer by checking their social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. This helps you research news stories about them and know more about their way of living and also in many cases their family and friend circle. In fact, you can also go ahead and connect with the state and local municipalities to obtain information related to traffic and criminal violations filed against them. You can also conduct a check with the local police departments and also a department of motor vehicle.

Review safety verification

If you are hiring a professional through some agency, you can also get up-to-date information about candidate's safety verification status, which also includes their back ground check information, phone numbers and also their email verifications. It is also essential to understand that background check rules vary, depending upon the state. However, most of the providers are capable enough to give information, which can help to ease your process of selection for a nanny, pet keeper or home cleaning services provider.

House Cleaning tips

Connect with references

Despite any kind of help you are hiring, each provider also gives you references of some of their previous and ongoing customers. Before hiring any care giver, it is recommended to check with at least three references. Many times while calling them, you tend to forget some of the critical and essential questions, which you need to know before hiring. Therefore, in such case, you can put together a list of questions that you need to ask these previous employers, including the major things that will be relevant for the job for which you are planning to hire.

In addition to the above-mentioned tips, it is also important to also ask about the health and substance abuse and most importantly create a trust in yourself.


One of the most disappointing issues inside the house is having a messy fridge. If the dirt spills immediately, it will be very hard to clean. If you will just ignore the spills inside, you may easily observe tough or harder mess that needs the use of a knife or chisel to remove the mess. This is the same problem when spilling the sodas or other beverages may cause thick and sticky spills. Fortunately, there are excellent cleaning tips to follow to stop your worries.

If you want to keep a clean fridge at home, you need to do the cleaning on a weekly basis. It is also important to clean any spills using the little amount of water n lemon juice to eliminate the dirt and foul odor. This will just take a couple of minutes to complete the process and be able to keep a tidy icebox inside your fridge.

With the exact tips on proper cleaning the at home, it will be easy to complete your tasks and live comfortably with your love ones. Same as with cleaning the fridge, you also need to learn the exact method of cleaning the windows and carpets. When cleaning the windows, simple soak a clean sponge from the water and solution to use in wiping them. Make sure to remove the dirt carefully to regain the clearness of the glass on the windows. If possible, spend about 30 minutes cleaning them to guarantee that you eliminate all the dirt. After giving enough time cleaning, you need to observe them closely and determine if there are particles that you need to remove. Make sure to repeat the process if necessary. Of course, this is same when cleaning the carpets; you need to have the right carpet sweeper to remove the dirt easily. It is best to clean them carefully to avoid damaging the carpets to prevent more headaches.

House Cleaning tips

Going back to cleaning the fridge, it is a good idea to use saran wrap, paper towels or wax paper on the shelves of the icebox. You can put an open baking soda box inside the freezer also to eliminate the foul odor. This is beneficial in keeping the foods in the fridge having the good taste before preparing them. Make sure to allocate the exact places inside the fridge with the different types of foods to store inside it. You need to do this to avoid messing up the items and this is one of the best ideas to complete your home cleaning tips faster. If possible, educate the members of the family to have their obligations at home and give them the exact instructions to follow.

In summary

Let's move on to silverware. Silverware is notorious for tarnish after some use and storage but you can restore them to their former glory by simply cleaning them with baking soda. Jar leakage can also be taken care of by using coasters, and you can accelerate your cleaning chores by using a dustbin pan to pick up items such as small toys around the house. While we are on the subject of clutter it is best to avoid hoarding.

People often keep items lying around the house because they feel them may need them in the future. However, chances are if you are actually questioning whether or not you will use an item in the future then it is likely an obsolete item that you should chuck in the bin. Clutter does not begin with a huge pile. It builds gradually, so you can reduce the overall time cleaning by having a storage bin handy for tossing trinkets and other items into them to reduce or eliminate clutter altogether. Also, if you don't have a storage bin or don't have the room for one in your home then use existing furniture to reduce clutter. For example, you can use hall hooks to hold your coats and purses and/or your bookshelf to hold magazines and remote controls.

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