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Office Cleaning Checklists

Once one has paid for a service of cleaning the office, one should totally acquire in totality the services they paid for. Those providing commercial will at many times supply a checklist for all the activities they are to carry out so you can choose how much or how little they do. If you don't have a checklist provided by the company, it is a good idea to create one yourself. Here is a list of the most important things to be sure you have done to maintain a sparkling clean workplace. It also helps to keep on top of the efficiency of your cleaning company, as you can check for yourself what has been done.

Office Cleaning

Entry or Reception

The reception part of your home or office gives the picture of the entire surroundings and therefore should be taken with great care to ensure it is properly and glittering clean. Top cleaning tasks for the reception area;

- Door glass crystal clear and wood dust free
- Carpet clean and vacuumed
- Reception counter dust and fingerprint free
- Artwork dusted and glass cleaned
- Phones and computers wiped down
- Tabletops dusted and polished
- Magazines organized
- Bins are emptied of the Garbage


Each person requires a secure and neat work surrounding. A good mandated and well planned and the work area and assists to enable each person to be at their optimum best. They include;

- Wiping away any dust on the desk
- Ensuring that the upholstery is vacuumed and cleaned
- The filing system for all the cabinets is wiped well
- All the sills on windows are wiped clean
- Gadgets such as cell phones and computers
- Doors that are made of glass.
- Bookcases/book spines dusted
- Light fixtures dusted or wiped down
- Rubbish emptied

Office Cleaning


A clean and sanitized washroom is a must in any working environment. Make sure yours is in top shape with all of these things done!

- Sink, installations, and toilets cleaned and sterilized
- Mirrors cleaned
- Countertops cleaned and sanitized
- Soap and towel dispensers wiped down
- That mopping is done well on floors
- That trash is always collected


If your office has a kitchen or lunchroom where workers eat, it is basic that this space is perfect and clean regardless of whether no sustenance readiness is done there.

- Fixtures, sink, and countertops wiped down and sanitized
- Stovetop furthermore, cooler wiped down
- Microwave wiped down
- Cupboards are legitimately scrubbed are wiped
- the outlets of the walls are sanitized and wiped
- Chairs, benches, and Tables wiped down
- Ensure disposal cans are sprayed with disinfectant to ensure it is well cleaned.
- Disposal of all garbage and trash

These contain a day to day activities that should be carried each day without hesitation. If you don't use a cleaning service, it is a good idea to post a checklist within the office for employees in each area so everyone can do their part in keeping up with daily cleaning chores. Keep a tote or container in a cupboard that is easily accessible to everyone and is sure that someone is assigned the task of keeping it organized and well stocked with the necessary cleaning items.

The appearance of your office is something that actually contributes a lot to the performance of the company as a whole. A spotless office generally offers a fully professional appearance that generally sells to the customers or also visitors intending for conducting business with the organization. A tidy workplace is something that generally inspires the employees and also improves their performances. So, regular office cleaning generally brings several advantages for the business and also its workers.

Office Cleaning

Giving firm a great appearance, a clean and also well-organized office generally makes the organization look more credible in front of the clients. When office work desk and equipment are generally neatly placed in their appropriate space. Moreover, the clients' assurance for the company generally grows and also they can certainly entrust it with their resources. This clearly indicates that they will be able to bring more business and finally the business will grow.

Improve Efficiency -
A clean work environment generally enhances the efficiency of the employees since they are capable of finding several things that they need to work quite conveniently. Daily cleaning removes congestion in the workplace and also due to this, employees can easily find several things even without facing many issues. Due to such continuous workflow, efficiency is generally obtained and also the productivity of the business is finally improved.

Improving Health of Workers -
When office cleaning is not carried properly out on a regular basis, there could be an accumulation of spider's webs, dust, and lint that could eventually trigger breathing problems. Besides, when food particles are not cleaned in a proper way then disease-carrying some pests like cockroaches and mice can certainly help the spreading illness to those of workers. In case staff falls sick more often, a lot of tasks are then performed in time and also the firm is then going to be lagging behind its schedules.

Reducing Work Stress -
Cluttered environments generally make your staff experience tension especially when they are actually not capable of discovering what they need. Nevertheless, a tidy atmosphere generally enhances the standards of work and also makes the staff generally operate in a peaceful mood rather than panicking.

Moreover, the staff generally don't need to worry at all about losing their things since they are aware of where to locate them whenever they are in need of them. Such comfort generally reduces work conflicts and also motivates those staff thereby enhancing their work relationship. Those of happy workers make execution of activities with a great confidence that results in productivity.

As you can see office cleaning has numerous benefits in the working of our day to day activities. One therefore requires to to embrace office cleaning services for they not only add value to your premises but also makes them more safe for living.

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