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Why Hire a Professional Cleaning Services Company?

Keeping a home clean and tidy is a laborious task. You already have lots of household chores to do. There are personal and professional commitments that need your time. It can be difficult to devote time to the cleaning jobs when you already have so much workload. Simple everyday cleaning is sufficient for basic cleanliness but there are times when you have to do comprehensive cleaning. It is a good idea to take help of a professional cleaning services contractor. You can use this type of service for your home, office, store, commercial place or workplace. Let professional cleaners do this job properly and efficiently. Sit back and relax while the cleaning personal clean all parts of your rooms.

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Home Cleaning

You can hire a cleaning service contractor on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly or yearly basis. It is a good option if you do not have any domestic helper to help you with home cleaning chores. Hire only the services you need and only as long as you need it. Do you want to clean the entire apartment or do you want to clean your kitchen only? You may be facing a specific problem like mold in certain parts of your bathroom. Cleaning services for all such general and special requirements are available. You receive a customized solution that takes into account your specific cleaning needs. You can get in contract for regular cleaning or hire the maid service for one-off cleaning job. You are charged only for the services you use. Home cleaning services are available for following purposes:

• General home cleaning
• End of tenancy cleaning
• HDB cleaning
• Moving in or moving out cleaning
• Renovation cleaning
• Sofa, carpet, mattress or curtain cleaning
• Air conditioner cleaning
• After-party cleaning
• Valuation cleaning
• Ad-hoc cleaning

There are all types of contract options depending on your cleaning requirements. Call the cleaning services company to discuss your specific needs. You will receive a quote immediately. When you hire a contractor for this purpose, you do not have to generally provide cleaning tools, equipment and supplies. The cleaning staff of the company visits your house with all items needed for the cleaning job. You may have to arrange cleaning items in case of one-off cleaning. The contractor may ask you to arrange items like ladder for cleaning the ceiling fans and higher places. Discuss these details when you call the cleaning service company for the first time.

House Cleaning company

Office or Commercial Place Cleaning

Keeping your office, commercial place or workplace clean is highly important if you want to leave good impression on your visitors. Even your employees want to work in a clean environment. You can attract more customers, clients and visitors to your commercial establishment if you keep your area clean and nice. People like to visit a clean place more often. It can be difficult to hire a permanent employee for keeping your establishment clean. Services of cleaning employees are needed only occasionally. It is not a good idea to hire an employee if you do not need their services throughout the working hours. It is better to outsource your cleaning jobs to a professional cleaning service company. You get peace of mind when all areas of your establishment are cleaned professionally. The services of such a contractor can be hired to clean establishments like:

• Office
• Restaurant
• Retail store
• School
• Factory
• Canteen
• Childcare center
• Showroom
• Shopping mall
• Fitness center
• Clinic and hospital
• Educational center
• Entertainment center
• Whole commercial building

Commercial cleaning services of a contractor can be used for the following rooms, areas and items:

• Walls, floors and ceilings
• Kitchen
• Carpets
• Air conditioner
• Upholstery
• Drapes and Blinds
• Office cubicles
• Windows
• Furniture
• Exterior and facade
• Restrooms

It is not an exhaustive and complete list. It all depends on your cleaning requirements. Ensure a clean, healthy and productive workplace. Increase the value of your commercial center. Leave a lasting impression on your customers and clients. Specialty services like cleaning of air ducts and vents are available on request. It all depends on the type of building and the types of items you have. You can hire a commercial cleaning service company only for cleaning the floors or to clean the whole building. Sign a long term contract with the contractor if you need regular janitorial services at your commercial building.

House Cleaning company

There are many advantages of hiring a professional cleaning contractor


Your cleaning project is continuously monitored by an experienced manager from the cleaning services company. The job will be monitored for quality, safety and timely completion. Cleaning workers involved in this process are trained and verified. They take care of all your items while cleaning. All of them carry required insurance coverage. Some types of cleaning works can be risky and hazardous. You do not have to worry about these issues. Professional cleaners wear protective gears during the cleaning process and follow all safety protocols. They are trained in using special cleaning equipment, tools and chemicals.

No Legal Employee Obligation

If you employ any cleaning employee permanently or temporarily, you have to abide by many laws, rules and regulations of Singapore. There is no such obligation on you when you deal with a registered and licensed cleaning service company. You deal directly with this company and it is its responsibility to comply with all legal obligations related to the staff employment.

Lower costs

Employing cleaning workers can prove expensive if you do not need their services most of the time. Reduce your staff expenses by outsourcing the cleaning job to a professional contractor. You do not have to buy cleaning items if you get in long term contract with the cleaning contractor. There is no need to purchase protective gears for the cleaning staff. You do not have to allocate a part of your building to keep cleaning items. Save on all such expenses by using the services of a professional cleaning company.

Keep your indoor areas clean, hygienic and healthy. Take help of a professional company to handle the laborious and time consuming tasks of cleaning your home and office. Its trained and experienced staff will do this job better than you. Just relax and enjoy the clean indoor environment. There is no need to increase your workload. Leave the cleaning job to the people who do it best. Call now for a cleaning quote.

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Spring Cleaning Singapore - Your one stop solution for all types Spring Cleaning Services in Singapore

Spring Cleaning Singapore - Your one stop solution for all types Spring Cleaning Services in Singapore

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Specialising in Spring Cleaning, Post Renovation, One Time Cleaning & Pre Moving Cleaning Services
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