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Useful Tips On How To Spring Clean Your HDB In 1 Day

When the most glorious season, Spring knocks on the door, everyone here in Singapore is blessed with a beautiful surroundings. If your home is just as beautiful then, one can get in the mood and truly enjoy the beauty of Spring. Thus, for decades Spring cleaning has been kind of a customary practice. But, truth be told, everyone hates this as at the end of the day it is a chore. Thus, it is seen that the people living in HDB units skip this. But, do you know that you can spring clean your home in just 1 day. Yes, with the useful and easy tips mentioned here you can spring clean your home thoroughly and quickly. So, do read on to know these tips:

Spring Cleaning HDB

Tip1: Start with a To-Do-List

The night before jot down all the things/rooms that you want to clean during your spring clean. Be elaborate with it; don’t just write down clothes, bedroom, this and that. Write down the timings also like 10am to 11am bedroom, 11am to 12pm laundry and so on. When you plan it well on paper and follow it strictly then, it is possible to complete the cleaning task in just 1 day.

Tip2: United We Stand

No matter how small your HDB unit is, it is not possible for a person to clean the entire home in just one day all by themselves. And thus, it is advised that you take help and involve you other family members. With the “United we stand” strategy you can surely get it done. Yes, it is true that the kids may not want to participate in a chore like this, so promise to reward them at the end of their task with new toys or a dinner out.

Tip3: Be prepared

To make sure that you can do this task in just 1 day, you have to be prepared. Make sure that you have all the needed cleaning supplies ready. Vacuum cleaner, garbage bags, paper towels, glass cleaning sprays, duster, sponge, detergent; everything must be there. If you have an old washing machine or vacuum, then the cleaning process will take a longer time. Thus, it is advised that you invest in new and upgraded cleaning equipments.

Tip4: Decluttering

Declutter your home and you will see that half of the work is already is done. If you do not need some things then, just throw them out. With the help of decluttering your home, you can access the areas which were congested and made your home look untidy. Besides this, by decluttering you can also reduce the number of pests in your home, as cockroaches, ants and other such nuisance like to breed and hide in dark and dusty areas.

Tip5: First stop, the Bedroom

Studies suggest that, if you start with an easy and doable task then it will set the mood and will keep you motivated all throughout the day. Hence, start with the bedroom as cleaning the bedroom is the easiest. Cleaning the mattress is the most time consuming task in the bedroom department. To clean the mattress quickly, take help of a vacuum cleaner in a low setting.

Spring Cleaning HDB

Tip6: Cleaning the Kitchen

The kitchen will take the longest time and thus you should do the kitchen next. If you have to do the dishes of last night then, start with them first and then move on to the other chores in the kitchen. Cleaning the fridge is a must; clean the outside with a non-toxic glass cleaning spray it gets the job done. The empty containers and other such things are quite useful in a kitchen but they make the kitchen look untidy. So, for a cleaner looking kitchen, store all such items inside cupboards.

Tip7: Laundry Time

As Spring means the end of cold winter times, so you have to store away the winter clothes and take out all the summer clothes. This means a lot of laundry as you have to clean both the winter and summer wardrobe. So, to get everything done in 1 day, you can take help of a laundry service.

Tip8: Tackling the Living Room

When handling the living room, start will all the other furniture and the knick knacks first and then at last do the floors. If you do the floor first, then you will notice that at the end of the cleaning process dust has been accumulated on the floor, meaning you have to clean the floor twice. Do not forget to clean the sofa. Sofas are a hub of dirt, dust, microorganism and other such things and so cleaning the sofa is a must. Vacuum cleaners are very helpful when it comes to cleaning sofas, and for the covers take help of a washing machine or a professional laundry service.

Tip9: Last stop, the Bathroom

The last thing in your to-do-list should be the bathroom. Many different types of bathroom cleaning products are now available in the market today. So, buy those products to clean the bathroom quickly; no need to spend hours and hours scrubbing the bathroom.

Tip10: Don’t forget the Air Condition

As the air conditioner was not being used during the cold winter months, so it is obvious that there will be dust in it. And when you turn it on, this dust will contaminate the air. As the air conditioner company provides cleaning services, so all you need to do is call them and they will take care of it.

Some suggestions:

· Do not create waste and recycle the things you can and contribute to keep the environment clean.
· Do not just throw away things. If in the process of decluttering you find some items that are still working then simply sell them to earn some cash. You also have the option to donate your clothes and other such items.
· Lastly, if you think that spring cleaning your home is too much to handle in one day then seek professional help. There are many cleaning companies who will clean every nook and cranny of your home in 1 day only.
There you have it, some of the most useful tips that will allow you to spring clean your HDB in just 1 day. So, keep this mind and start the spring cleaning now!

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