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Step By Step Guide On Spring Cleaning For Home

When it comes to spring awakening, one of the first associations, among the other things, is a thorough spring cleaning. It really does make a sense: coming out of the winter period can be easily understood as a new beginning. The new chapter in your life will require certain changes and the condition to organize your life and your thoughts are to organize your environment. The idea of the clean and smelly house is appealing, but the actual spring cleaning can often be reflective and stressful. For that reason, we are offering you a guide on how to make it as easier as possible. Of course, you can do that all by yourself, but a little help is always useful.



The first thing you want to do is to make a pleasant atmosphere, such as good music, incense stick with the smell you like, etc. Also, you should inform the rest of the family what you are planning, so that they don’t disturb you (if they don’t want to help). Now, open your window and let that fresh air and sunny day motivate you. By now, you should be in the house-cleaning mood. Next thing you want to do is to make a list of the things you need to put in order. You can write them down on the piece of paper.
For example:
• Bedroom.
• Kitchen.
• Closet.
• Hallway.
• Bathroom.
If you are writing it on the paper, it sure is a good feeling when you check that it’s done once you finish with it. After you’ve done this, the spring cleaning can commence.


1. Our cleaning guide begins with the bedroom, and the first step is to open the windows.
2. Fill the bucket with water and cleanser, take your mop and clean the dust. Make sure you clean it all, which means: replace your books and other stuff you keep on your shelves.
3.Once you cleaned it all, rearrange stuff in your drawers. If there’s anything you don’t use anymore, throw it away. If it’s something still useful, you can even give it to someone.
4. Clean your furniture using the cleanser for that purpose. You should take your blankets and sheets out of the window (or terrace).
5. Move your bed and furniture, clean behind it and then move it back to its place. The greatest amount of dust and dirt that you can find in your bedroom is located behind the furniture.
6. If you have carpets on the floor you need to use the vacuum cleaner and do some deep cleaning. You should do this even if you have a hard floor, but then wipe it with water and detergent.
7. If you have some extra time you can even shine your floor.
You have finished the first task of this guide. Reward yourself with a cookie and move on.

House Cleaning


1. If you have any dirty dishes, wash them.
2. Clean your fridge by taking out all. Clean the shelves throw away the bad food and put back the good one.
3. Rearrange the drawers where you keep the dishes. Clean the shelves.
4. Clean the floor. Use warm water and detergent after you finish with vacuum cleaning.
5. Remove trash and proceed to the next room.

Living room

1. The first step here is to do some dusting. If you have a lot of decoration in your room, put some good music and do what you must.
2. Move the furniture and clean the dust behind it. Proceed with vacuum cleaning and floor mopping.
3. Open the windows and leave the room to dry and to ventilate.


1. First deal with windows. Wash them and windowsills too. Clean the window screens.
2. The next step is to clean the cabinets. You need to clean them from inside and the outside.
3. Clean the washer and dryers. If you have time, deal with drains. You don’t have to do this every week, but occasionally.
4. Wash walls and doors, and all other details. When you think that you have covered everything, let the room ventilate for another half an hour and then you are done.

Spring Cleaning


1. If you have doors in the hallway open them. If not, find some other way of ventilation.
2. Remove the dirt and the dust from the walls. If you have some furniture clean them too.
3. The vacuum cleaner is essential, so use it to clean the floor.
4. After you’ve finished with the vacuum cleaner, use warm water and detergent to wipe it.
5. Leave everything to dry, and you’ve finished with the hallway.


The bathroom is the most important part of your house that needs to be cleaned. This place is rich with different bacteria and dirt, and you have to be sure that you’ve done the right job. The regular cleaning of the bathroom is essential, so follow this steps and you will be all right.
1. Focus on your tub or shower. Use water and cleanser, and make a proper mixture. Use gloves during the bathroom cleaning.
2. After you’ve done a good rub of your tub, start cleaning the sink. Clean the tap, and then clean the cabinets.
3. The mirror in front of you can also get very dirty, so wipe it good.
4. The next step is your toilet. Be sure that you are wearing gloves and that you have the right cleanser, because this is the dirtiest part of your house. Clean the inside and then the outside.
5. After you’ve done with the main parts and minor details, clean the bathroom floor.


Spring cleaning is an important procedure. Your house has to be refreshed and filled with positive energy, so turn on some music and start the work. Write the plan of the activities so you can clean by steps, and follow our guide. Start from the bedroom. Open the windows and try to clean every corner of the room. Focus on the space behind the furniture because the greatest amount of dirt is accumulated there. After you’ve done with the bedroom, proceed to the living room. After you’ve done with the living room, do a detailed sweep of the closet and the hallway. The last on the list should be the bathroom. Use gloves and some strong cleaners and try to do a detailed job, because the bathroom is the dirtiest place in your house.

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