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Spring Cleaning Services - What You Need To Know

Even though spring does not technically occur in Singapore, spring cleaning is a loosely used term to describe an overhaul of some of the houses and domiciles in the island nation. The overhaul entail cleaning homes from the inside and out as well as putting away some items which will not be used anymore for the time being. The move also loosely coincides with the change from winter to spring in countries that experience the four seasons. Here are some effective tips that might help you, from a company that offers spring cleaning services.


1. Organize.

Before you start cleaning, make sure that the materials, paraphernalia and tools that you need are accounted for and in good working condition. Having a duster that falls apart every time you use it will make the task more difficult for you. Go out and acquire what you need a day or two before so you can have an uninterrupted cleaning spree. Aside from making sure that the cleaning materials and tools that you need are complete and usable, you should also organize each room.

The usual time when most Singaporeans do their spring cleaning is usually around the first or second quarter of the year. This is the time when the cooler months give way to the intense heat of summer. There might be some clothes and accessories that you wish to put away or take out of storage. In connection to clothes and accessories, this is also the perfect time to sort out the clothes that you might not use anymore. Some clothes might not fit anymore or might be to tatty to wear. Clothes that don't fit can be given away to some charity while tatty clothes can be recycled into rags for wiping or cleaning.

2. Top to Bottom.

Professionals that offer spring cleaning services recommend starting from the top of the house to the bottom. If you have an attic, it may be better to leave cleaning it for a weekend when you have lots of time especially if the attic is full. Clean one room at a time. If each room has a bathroom, you can choose to clean the bathroom first before starting with the room. When cleaning the room, start with the windows; and work your way to the bed, tables and floor last. Sweep the floor first; starting with the furthermost part, working your way to the door. The reason behind this is to not leave marks on the floor by walking to and from the door.

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3. Shiny surfaces.

There are different technique's in cleaning shiny and smooth surfaces. Windows and mirrors will benefit from using a cleaner specially designed for them. Follow directions carefully and correctly since these cleaners are usually chemicals and may be harmful if used incorrectly. You can also go green and use environment friendly cleaners such as plain water. Use a damp cloth to wipe the dust or debris off and follow up with a dry cloth to remove any marks left by the dampness. A vinegar solution can also be used to clean stone floors and walls.

This solution is made up of more water than vinegar, usually about a tablespoon of vinegar for a litter of water. Mopping the vinegar solution directly on a recently swept floor will help to remove stains and dirt. Some stains might need to be scrubbed with a stronger vinegar solution and a brush. Some companies that offer spring cleaning services use bleach and other chemicals for cleaning but might also be able to provide a more environment friendly option for you. Some wood panels and wooden floors may discolour if vinegar is applied directly on them. This often happens when the surface has been treated with polyurethane or something similar.

4. If you have carpeting in your house, consider using a professional cleaning service.

This is important especially if your carpets are expensive or vintage. Carpeted rooms need to be vacuumed after you have cleaned the room in its entirety. This is so the dust from the windows and ceiling will have fallen unto the floor and can be cleaned last before moving to another room.

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5. Curtains and drapes can be vacuumed gently if these are not dirty.

If the dirt is difficult to remove or has already set in, you should wash these. Check your washing machine for a gentle cycle since most curtains tear easily if washed in the heavy cycle. Dirt usually sets in if the drapes or curtains are not changed regularly and if your house is close to a heavily trafficked street.

6. Go green when you can.

Spring cleaning entails a thorough clean which could in turn mean using chemicals, cleansers and other solvents to get rid of the dirt and grime. Despite the efficacy of these chemicals, there are also risks in using them. Manufacturers of these chemicals and cleansers recommend using them with the windows and doors wide open to prevent getting dizzy or lightheaded due to inhaling their smell. Most household cleaning chores have alternative cleansers and solutions made from organic and safe ingredients which may just be as effective as the chemical based ones.

The following can be used as alternatives to harsh, chemical based cleansers for different household chores:

- white vinegar - commonly used to disinfect, deodorize and whiten. It is usually diluted in water.
- baking soda - a natural deodorizer that also doubles as a scouring agent for surfaces that might scratch easily
- lemon juice - used as an alternative to bleach and as a disinfectant
- Borax or sodium borate - used as a gentle cleaner for painted surfaces and can be used to clean floors
- isopropyl alcohol - can be used to disinfect household items but do not use on items that you put in your mouth or use on food.
- cornstarch - absorbs oil easily and can be used to clean your stove and stove top. Also refreshes carpets.
- mineral oil - can replace wood cleansers for furniture
- coarse salt - often used as a scrub for pots and pans.
These are just a few highly effective tips for managing spring cleaning. Try the going green alternatives to lessen the environmental impact that most harsh chemical have on our earth.

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Spring Cleaning Singapore - Your one stop solution for all types Spring Cleaning Services in Singapore

Spring Cleaning Singapore - Your one stop solution for all types Spring Cleaning Services in Singapore

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