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Professional Cleaning Services

Cleaning is one of the daily chores we can’t afford to do without. Cleaning can be a tedious exercise especially when we have other important chores and duty to attend to. Leaving your house dirty or in a jumbled state should not be an excuse for lack of time. Nowadays, services have been brought to your doorstep and you only need to hire a professional to take care of all the cleaning chores. Cleaning services are common in most households and more of a necessity in some situations such as; after your home renovation, office renovation or when moving to a new home. Here are the circumstances where professional cleaning is paramount.

Professional Cleaning Services

1. Post-renovation
Dust build up

After renovating your home, there will be a lot of dust accumulating due to the hardware being replaced, windows and other furniture within the building. Getting rid of dust and debris build up can be an almost impossible task with your ordinary cleaning methods. This demand for the professional services where relevant cleaning machines are used; for example to blow the dust that has accumulated even in the obscure corners of your home.

Advanced Skills

Skilled personnel with a high level of expertise are in a better position of cleaning your home. Giving them the chance to clean your home is the best you can do if you need that spotless environment after a renovation process. The renovation company in charge of the renovation process comprise of handymen who have little or no house cleaning skills. They may or may not do the post-renovation cleaning but you can’t trust them anyway for that thorough cleaning. There are some cleaning challenges that result from renovation. Such messes cannot be resolved through the day to day cleaning practices they require some advanced skills. Metal shavings or even grease spots on your carpet will pose a serious challenge that can only be dealt with by an expert.

2. Moving from one home to the other

A time you need to shift from one home to the other due to unavoidable circumstances. This process isn’t easy and requires proper preparation. It’s a form of courtesy to clean up your old house before you actually shift to the other. You’ll always opt to enter a new spotless home, and this means you’ll have to leave your old one in an excellent condition too. You can save yourself the hassle of poor cleaning and unnecessary complaints from the landlord by getting a professional help you with the cleaning.

Every time when moving from your old home, you’ll expect your security deposit back. The amount to be paid back to you will depend on the condition of the house. Dirty spots on the walls will definitely be a deal breaker. Save your precious money by hiring the right cleaning professionals, this way you’ll be assured of your security deposit. If the landlord has to clean the house by himself, you’ll risk losing some or all your security deposit. A thorough cleaning service will ensure you take everything with you before you head to your new home. Since the cleaning will go deep to the obscure areas, you will be in a position to secure even the hidden valuable items in some of the farfetched crannies and nooks in your home.

Professional Cleaning Services

3. What to look for when choosing a cleaning company

Singapore is one of the performing nations in terms of economy and business. The population is far less than the twiddling powerhouses such as China, USA, and Japan. The cleaning business is one of great significance due to the constant high temperatures in the country throughout the year. Spring cleaning companies are dedicated to handling the daily sanitation as well as large-scale cleaning. Here are some of the basic necessities you need to check in the cleaning companies before you go forward to assigning them the task.

(i) Level of skills

The servicemen should be competent in their line of duty. Cleaning is a skill-based service that requires first-hand expertise in the field. Excellent results can only be obtained after the exercise is over and you can weigh the tidiness of your home. Spring cleaning bears a bunch of dedicated workers who do the cleaning and clear the messes in quantity, magnitude, and complexity. Skills are necessary to identify dirt stains in areas such as floor carpets and be in a position to work on the mess sequentially to produce the best results.

(ii) Experience

Clients are happy and confident to deal with experienced workers. Confidence builds satisfaction even before the job is done. A wide range of experience is necessary to purposefully organize and get the cleaning done within the scheduled time. Experienced servicemen don’t rush through their work and create the impression that they are in charge and worth their service fee.

(iii) Charges and services

The type and quality of services you receive are directly proportional to the amount charged by the cleaning company in charge. It’s better to have quality and satisfactory services at slightly higher prices (than those of the competitors) than sub-standard services in the name of cheaper prices. Those companies with higher cleaning fee are more likely to offer additional services apart from the regular cleaning. In the long run, the package of services delivered is worth the investment. Therefore it’s important to first consider the quality of services rather than the fee charged. Where friendly relationship exists between the clients and company, the level of performance is always recommendable. This kind of relationship will make the client feel like they are getting their investment’s worth. The long term benefit and future discount are also beneficial to the client.

(iv) Accessibility and Reliability

These are the two important aspects of every service-providing firm you must consider. The cleaning companies should be available at your deck anytime in case of emergency or an impromptu service. Successful companies understand that the needs of a client are as important as theirs and that they should attend to you in the shortest time possible.

Professional Cleaning Services

(v) Versatility

Versatility in service delivery will make your work easier as a customer and even cost-friendlier since you will need only one group of experts to take care of all the cleaning needs. These ranges from window buffing, grout and tile cleaning to general disposal all offered with a touch of modesty.

(Vi) Additional services

Most cleaning companies in Singapore will offer free training and educational lessons on how to deal with emergency messes for productive clean ups in your home.

(vii) Relevance in service delivery

Before getting your work done by any cleaning company, seek for a legal documentation that gives the company a right to do the cleaning in your home. For authenticity and formality in every business, certification papers should be provided to the customer as a form of security and to consolidate trust.


Every cleaning service comes with a price, our service fee varies depending on the size of your place measured per unit feet and the number of persons to do the cleaning. Each cleaning session has been allocated a certain time period ( in hours) within which the work is to be completed. If the cleaning is not completed within the given hours, you may request for some extra hours, however, subject to the cleaner’s availability. An extra fee will be charged.

Clients may choose to provide us with all the cleaning products and materials or we provide the same at a price usually, $ 80 per set. The latter will save on the cost and your precious time looking for all the essential cleaning products. Cleaning has never been that efficient without the dedication and skills of our cleaning professionals. Take a further step in your cleaning schedule today and let the spring cleaning Singapore take care of all the cleaning chores either in your office or residential home.

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Spring Cleaning Singapore - Your one stop solution for all types Spring Cleaning Services in Singapore

Spring Cleaning Singapore - Your one stop solution for all types Spring Cleaning Services in Singapore

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Specialising in Spring Cleaning, Post Renovation, One Time Cleaning & Pre Moving Cleaning Services.
Specialising in Spring Cleaning, Post Renovation, One Time Cleaning & Pre Moving Cleaning Services
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