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How To Do Deep Wash For Toilet?

Even if you keep your toilet tidy, the all-important room typically needs a deep wash every now and then. The reason for this is that the toilet, unlike other rooms, gets frequent usage. And not only that, toilet activities are varied, and it almost always involves disseminating waste. As such, you need to pay keen attention to all toilet surfaces to ensure that dirt does not accumulate. Did you know that accumulation of dirt and germs around the toilet increases the chances of spreading them to other rooms? Ultimately, this causes illnesses and other unwanted diseases.


You can give your toilet a deep wash all by yourself or you can call in the professionals to help you out. Regardless of how you want it done, the primary objective of undertaking a deep wash is to pay particular focus on hard to reach places in your toilet. Doing the cleaning regularly leaves the toilet presentable and usable from month to month. For example, you do not need to unclog the pipes of the toilet every week. But you can do so after a month to ensure that the pressure of water flowing through these pipes is at an optimum pressure. Understandably, toilet cleaning is everybody’s least favorite activity, but one of the most frequently cleaned areas. Cleaning the toilet involves more than just swirling the broom and flushing the bowl with a cleaner. You also have to tidy the surrounding areas taking into account those hard-to-clean areas. So, below are the steps to follow so as to deep wash your toilet:

Start with the toilet bowl

Your toilet bowl is primarily that area where you need to give it some tender, loving care. This is because it is an area of concern where we get down and dirty on. Of course, everybody is good at using the brush to swish and swirl around the visible part of the toilet bowl. However, what most people often miss is the underlying areas under the rim where water gushes out when you flush the toilet. You will notice development of stains denoting the paths beneath the holes that water flows through. If this is the case, then it points out the fact that a deep wash is needed.

Since the ordinary cleaning brush does not reach these areas, grime builds up. To deal with this problem without involving some harsh cleaning chemicals, use Castile and scrub the toilet bowl paying attention to the stained sections. The next step involves the use of Borax. After pouring it into the bowl, use the brush to bring it up to those stained areas. Note that Borax has thicker foam that will not slide back into the bowl. You can now use a toothbrush to deal with stubborn stains. Use a mirror to see those parts that the eyes cannot reach. Give it a final scrub and flush, and you are ready to go.

Cleaning Toilet

Dealing with the mineral build up

Mineral build up is mainly caused by hard water. If this is the case and the grime does not come off by using the method above, then it is time to add another cleaning technique. Shut off the water supply to the toilet. Empty the toilet bowl by flushing several times up until water does not fill up the cistern anymore. Use a towel to soak and remove the remaining water. Pour vinegar (both cleaning and ordinary vinegar works well for this case) to completely cover the stains. Soak a rag or paper towels to cover up the stains alongside and underneath the rim. Let the setup soak up for 3 hours, or better yet soak overnight and then scrub. This should remove the grime off your bowl. However, if it does not, you might try a more potent detergent containing Hydrochloric acid. Repeat the same procedure as above and the dirt will be gone. HCL is a stronger chemical, and you should follow all the safety precautions labelled on the package.

The attachments to the toilet seat

Males, specifically younger boys, may give you several reasons to regularly clean the toilet seat attachments. The toilet seat is a target for sprays which makes some spots to develop. This should be an easy section to clean and disinfect. Use a toothbrush and soap to scrub the surface. Next, use a piece of cloth soaked in vinegar to wipe the dirt off the surface. If you have a steam cleaner, then your work is simplified as they work well for this task and are faster.

Occasionally (once in three months), you can completely disassemble the toilet seat attachments to clean the grime that accumulates underneath. It is a relatively easy process, and the seats can be removed by using a screwdriver. After cleaning the attachments, return every part to its place. At all times, use a soft cloth soaked in vinegar to wipe off surfaces. Another place where pee is most likely to land is that section where the toilet base and the tank meet. Be sure to clean along that groove with detergent.
Deep Wash Toilet

The surrounding areas of the toilet

So you have seemingly cleaned all the toilet surfaces including those hard-to-reach places, but your toilet still has a foul smell. What could be the problem? Well, you guessed it right. The surrounding areas, the base including the baseboards and the walls, could be the source of the bad odor. As earlier mentioned, the steam cleaner is your companion in cleaning surfaces. It is super effective, requires no harsh chemicals but still gets to all cracks and nods where dirt accumulates.

If you do not have a steam cleaner, you can clean the toilet surfaces using castile soap and after that use a cloth soaked in vinegar. A toothbrush can help you reach those corners where a brush cannot clean effectively. Baking soda and water forms a good solution to soak the stained surfaces. To have a good smell, you can use essential oils. Let this mixture sit for an hour or so then wipe off. Use vinegar and baking soda separately. Whereas the mixture reacts beautifully, the components neutralize each other rendering them useless.

That is it! You now know how to deep wash your toilet in a way that gives you effective results. It is said that the toilet bowl contains approximately three million germs per square inch. However, the mobile phones that we use for communicating contain even more. Surprised? You should not be. Your toilet can actually be the cleanest and the freshest smelling part of the home.

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