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How Often Should I Opt For Steam Cleaning For Mattress?

Getting comfortable and quality sleep at night is always essential. You have a comfortable mattress to sleep on which provides ultimate luxury and relaxation. But do you know that when you are going to sleep, you are not just sleeping on a comfortable bed? The mattresses can have millions of dust particles, microscopic dust mites, and dead skin flakes all over. The mattresses are generally made of fine fabric with some tightly woven threads. Thus, microscopic dust, finest dirt particles, and mites can penetrate easily through the fabric and get accumulated over a period of time. These pollutants and mites can be a reason for several health issues, allergic reactions, and respiratory problems. Thus, you need to clean the mattresses thoroughly.

Mattress Cleaning

How often should you clean?

Though there are several ways to clean the mattresses of your house, one of the best and proven ways is steam cleaning. It is the best way for deep cleaning the mattresses as well as to disinfect and sanitize it. This method doesn’t use excessive water to clean and hence it is much easier yet effective in nature. But the most important question asked by the people is how often they should steam clean their mattresses. Ideally, it is important to steam clean the mattresses once in every 5 to 6 months. That means twice a year is perfect for getting rid of all the dust mites, allergens, bedbugs, and sweat. This helps to keep your mattresses clean and hygienic. You will be at complete peace of mind that you are going to a clean bed every night. This will also keep the germs and bacteria away.

Benefits of steam cleaning the mattresses

The steam clean method is gaining more and more popularities these days. There are several benefits of steam cleaning the mattresses of your house. Some of them are:

Get rid of dust and dirt:
With the proper dry steam cleaner, you can get rid of the dust mites, bacteria, allergens and finest dirt or dust particles from the mattresses. As mentioned earlier, dust and airborne mites can penetrate through your mattresses easily. These can cause different allergic reactions, breathing difficulties and health problems. Since this steam clean method uses high temperature, it can kill the pests easily.

Eliminate bedbugs:
This is also one of the proven ways to eliminate bedbugs without the need for any harsh chemicals. If you think that bedbugs are creating problems for you while you are sleepings, then it is time to deep clean your mattresses to get rid of it. So, you have to steam clean every inch of the mattresses.

Mattress Cleaning

Eradicates odors and stains:
The mattresses easily acquired odors due to different reasons like dust, mites, and bacteria. You can eradicate these odors by simply deep cleaning it with the steam clean method. Even if you have any stains from food spills, coffee spills etc., this method can easily remove all the stains efficiently.

Enhances longevity:
There is no doubt that the mattresses can be used for several years if taken proper care. Without proper cleaning and care, mattresses will not stay for a longer time. The quality will deteriorate due to excessive dust, debris, mites, bugs, and bacteria build up. With the help of steam clean process, you can make your mattresses live for several years.

Easy & hassle free:
The method is completely easy and you do not have to hassle while cleaning. It doesn’t make a mess as you can simply switch on the cleaner and clean the mattress just like the vacuum cleaner. It doesn’t need any extra skill or knowledge.

Tips for steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is quite effective to clean all the mattresses of your house. Sleeping on the mattresses full of dust and dirt can cause various diseases and infections. Also, it can encourage the bacteria to grow and build up which can cause several allergies. Hence, you must clean the mattresses thoroughly twice every year. If you want to steam clean your mattress, then here are some of the tips for you that will help you to do that perfectly:

Step #1: Vacuum

First, you have to vacuum the mattresses thoroughly. This will ensure to suck up all the loose dirt and dust. Of course, it cannot clean the deep-seated dirt or the allergens. But it can definitely clean some of it.

Step #2: Prepare the tool

You will need a steam cleaner to steam clean your mattresses. Now you have to put in some water into the tool and set the preferred temperature so that it can start producing the steam. Once it is ready, you can start cleaning your mattresses efficiently.

Mattress Cleaning

Step #3: Steam cleaning

Now, you have to prepare for the ultimate stage where you have to switch on the steam cleaner and start cleaning. Make sure to cover each and every inch of the mattress while cleaning it. The steam produced through the tool will help to clean the dust, dirt, and allergens. It will also kill the mites and bugs if there are any.

Hire A Professional Expert

Steam cleaning is only possible if you have the steam cleaner tool with you. But not everyone has that tool at their house. When you have to use it only twice a year, buying one is not even worth the cost. It is better to hire a professional cleaner who can help you to clean the mattresses efficiently. This will save you time and effort too. You neither have to buy a steam cleaner for this nor do you have to clean the mattresses. A professional expert with proper license will have this tool. But before hiring a professional cleaner for cleaning your mattresses make sure to check each and every detail. It is important to do thorough research about his professional career, background, and experiences before hiring. Do not forget to check his license. This ensures better credibility and you can trust the person. So, you will be at complete peace of mind while the cleaner cleans all your mattresses at your house. You can simply sit back and relax.

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