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How Often Should I Clean My Carpet?

In Singapore cleaning is a major responsibility. Because of the Singapore environment and pollution, houses become dirty every other day. Carpets absorb unthinkable amounts of dust, dirt particles and micro-organism like bacteria, fungi, mold, etc. So, even if there is no stain on the carpets, it does not mean that the carpets are completely clean. As, most of the people have to go to school or work, it becomes hard for them to find enough time for cleaning purposes. Thus, the professional carpet cleaning services are extremely essential for the Singapore households and offices in order to maintain clean carpets for a long period of time.

Clean Carpet

Services offered by the carpet cleaning companies

Carpet cleaning services:

 The carpet cleaning companies offer services which range from basic cleaning to deep restorative carpet cleaning methods, which are specially suitable for the Singaporean environment. The common carpet fibers that are used in Singapore are, Wool, Cotton, Nylon and Acrylic. As each of these fibers has their own sets of characteristics, there is no one standard cleaning method, that can address for all types of fibers. The professional cleaners have the ability to look at carpets individually and determine the best suited cleaning methods for achieving optimum results. Singapore has a very high level of humidity and thus, carpets are prone to collect moisture and dampness, which further leads to the growth of micro-organisms. One of the most common methods of treating this is with non-leaching anti-microbial application. This provides a long-term protection for the carpets by reducing the growth of micro-organisms.

Carpet Stain Cleaning:

Your valuable carpet might get stains from wine, paint or even pet urine. These stains simply cannot be avoided. It is essential to act fast in these situations, before the stain is absorbed into the carpet fibers. This is because, if the stain gets deeply rooted in the fibers, then it discolors the fabric permanently. The home cleaning companies use professional stain cleaning methods, which will not only remove the stains, but, will also help to preserve the original fabric color. They even use fabric protectors, which helps to maintain the quality of the fabric.

Rug Cleaning Services:

Rug cleaning requires a more gentle approach compared to carpet cleaning. These methods of cleaning vary depending on the type of weave and fiber of each individual rug. As the cleaning companies use advanced cleaning equipments, they can easily restore the original appearance of the rugs. The professionals take care of all kinds of rugs, whether it is Persian, Paskistani, Indian, Afghani or Chinese. They clean, gently deep down and makes the space look new and attractive.

Pile Lifting Services:

The spring cleaning professionals have special tools to remove deeply embedded soil, that has accumulated in the carpets over a long period of time. As carpets are often made with dense and compact fibers, they often trap tons of soil and debris. Thus, regular pile lifting is essential to keep the carpets clean. It also improves the overall air quality by cleaning the contaminants in the carpet that could become airborne.

Benefits of carpet cleaning services

In case you are still not sure, if professional cleaning services are beneficial, the following list of benefits can help you make your decisions

Professionals are better equipped:

The professional are always equipped with strong and powerful equipments and cleaning agents. Thus, they can ensure intense cleaning of all sorts of carpets and rugs. Their cleaners have very strong suctions that dislodge that soak up all the stubborn dirt and microscopic particles that remains embedded in the carpet fibers.

Clean Carpet

Remove stains completely:

Professionals are always equipped with the right materials and they know the ideal cleaning techniques, thus they can remove stains flawlessly. They can remove the stains in such a way, that your carpets and rugs will look as good as new. They even offer protections, which can protect your carpets from future stains.

Remove air pollutants:

The dust, dirt and micro-organisms in the carpet fibers along with the high humidity in the air, creates a favorable environment for dust mite infestations. The dead dust mites often cause allergies and other irritations of the skin. Professional cleaners favorable techniques for getting rid of fungus, bacteria, viruses and dust mites.

Keeps better indoor environment:

When the carpets act as a filter for pollutants that is entering the home, then naturally the quality of air in your home gets compromised. All sorts of dirts, including, lead particles, cat furs, pollen, etc get accumulated in the carpets. The toxic airborne gases, which get absorbed in these carpets, is released which you are walking over them or cleaning them. Thus, your home gets polluted. Only the professional can deep clean your carpets to improve the indoor air quality.

Keeps the carpet dry and mould-free:

The equipments that are used by us, are often unable to make the carpets dry adequately after the cleaning procedure. Thus, the carpets are often left extremely wet and moist, which leads to the growth of moulds and mildew. The professional cleaning techniques never keep the carpet over-saturated or damp.

Save time and stress-free:

You will not have to take any hassle of buying the equipments and carrying out the whole task. You can just sit and relax, while the professionals take care of this job in the minimum possible time.

Costs of the cleaning services

According to studies, until recently Singaporeans were not used to the concept of hiring carpet cleaning services because of certain misconceptions related to the prices of these services. However, presently they have overcome these misconceptions and thus, there is an increasing demand of the professional carpet cleaning services.

Over the past few years, these cleaning services are becoming more and more affordable for the citizens of Singapore. The cost of cleaning commercial carpets usually varies between $60 to $175 per square feet, depending on the size and material of the carpets and the technology that is being used for the purpose. In case of rugs and residential carpet cleaning, the cost usually varies between $70 to $300.

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