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Hari Raya Spring Cleaning Tips 2019

The Hari Raya attracts a lot of visitors in many homesteads. For this reason, Hari Raya spring cleaning is a routine to keep the visitors happy and making them feel welcome in a clean environment as you share. To be able to leave the homes are spotlessly clean, there are several tips to put into consideration. The article highlights them to guide you through Hari Raya Spring Cleaning for ample time for everyone. Get a look at them, and you will amaze at how clean your home will transform. Every place requires special handling for an effective outcome.

Hari Raya Spring Cleaning

Cleaning the windows

Windows provides a beautiful reflection when they are spotlessly clean. To achieve this excellent look, you should use clean water mixed with a detergent or soap where you offer thorough cleaning and finally rinse to do away with the soap. Do not leave the windows wet as this will attract more dust and make them dirtier than they were before. Use a newspaper or a non-fibrous material to wipe off the windows clean. Ensure that there are no marks left.

Cleaning the kitchen

The kitchen is where all the cooking activities take place and hence requires a thorough cleaning. It consists of a whole lot of items, which include refrigerators, microwaves, cabinets, cookers, counter tops, dishes, among other things. To clean these items, use a spongy material together with all-purpose soap. The refrigerators may have odors which require the use of bicarbonate soda, which is also helpful in getting rid of the stubborn stains. After all the items in the kitchen are clean, clean the dishes, and be done with the kitchen.

Cleaning the bathroom

The place requires a thorough cleaning as it is the place where everyone gets refreshed and ready to face the day. Before you even start the cleanup, ensure that you sprinkle solution to every part of the bathroom which ranges from the glass, bowls, the mirrors, and sinks. The reason for doing this is to facilitate a natural cleaning process after the places absorbing them. For the sinks, ensure that you pour antibacterial detergents to kill and prevent the bacterial growth in the surfaces. To leave the toilet bowl sparkling clean, ensure that you pour bleach for the best results. For these two to provide the best results, give some time allowance before the last rinse. After the top places are clean, focus on the bathroom floor, and finish up the whole task.

Cleaning the walls

The walls bring a bright illumination when clean and no marks all over. To clean them, start from the bottom as you move to the upper parts. The process will ensure the removal of all the dirt and formation of lines over the walls. Rinse with clean water to remove all the soap and leave them spotlessly clean.

Cleaning the floor

During the Hari Raya Spring Cleaning, the floor is always the last part of the house to clean. The reason being that all the dirt from the walls, cabinets, shelves, and all the other surfaces fall here. The carpet holds a lot of dirt, and it is where to start. Vacuum clean to ensure the removal of even the most stubborn dust particles from it where you can use stain removers. Clean also the furthest ends of the floor that you rarely reach during the regular days for a thorough cleaning. Depending on the type of floor, ensure that you choose the right equipment for effective results.

Hari Raya Spring Cleaning

Cleaning the bedding

These also require cleaning during the Hari Raya Spring Cleaning to give them a new look and smell. When it comes to spring cleaning, every item in that house is sparkling clean by the end of the whole process. Vacuum cleaning the blankets is the best option while the pillows and bedsheets regain their smell to that of new ones upon washing.

To conclude, Hari Raya Spring Cleaning is an excellent thing to have both for your family and any intended guests in the house. It provides a fresh feeling and relaxation. As seen in the above text, each part of the house requires a thorough clean up to ensure the best results. The Hari Raya spring cleaning tips provided will be of great help to someone who wants a great house transformation during the period.

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