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Can Spring Cleaning Help With Your Allergies?

We all love to keep our homes clean especially when spring arrives after a long winter the view outside turns colourful. Buy shaking up the rugs and cleaning the cobwebs itself can become a tough task as the dust accumulated can cause allergies. Spring cleaning hence can be a dilemma indeed. If you are a resident of Singapore and need a complete clean-up in your house without suffering from the allergies, the best thing to do is to hire a good spring-cleaning service to take care of the task for you.

Spring Cleaning

Here are some advantages of hiring a spring cleaning service in Singapore:

∙ Avoid dust and get back a clean home with fresh air

Accumulation of dust during the long winter can cause serious allergies for the family members and a professional cleaning service helps you avoid the pain. Just vacate the house for the service professionals and return to a cleaner home free of dust and full of fresh air. It is also good to inform the service providers you have preferred about your allergy issues, including sensitivity to any cleaning chemical. It will help your cause.

∙ No wasting of time; leave it to them who know it better

Taking a professional help in spring-cleaning service ensures that you get the worth of your investment and without sneezing even once or wasting some precious times you could have otherwise spent with your family. It certainly makes life easier.

∙ Leave it to professionals for a more clinical job

Hiring a spring-cleaning service is also helpful in other ways. If you yourself handle the cleaning, the process might remain incomplete as allergies can disrupt it midway and a lot of things could still remain dusty after all the hard work. But the professionals will ensure that the nook and corner of the house and places that are not commonly seen are cleaned. They are, after all, paid for that.

∙ About pricing

Pricing is definitely one aspect which one needs to keep in mind when a hiring a spring-cleaning service. This depends entirely on the size of your house and the hours that are required for the service professionals to make it dust-free. For a smaller and well-maintained house, one professional can complete the work in a few hours. For a bigger one, it will be more expensive. It also depends on who brings in the cleaning supplies. If the service you hire provides it, the cost will go further up.

Avoiding allergies caused by spring cleaning: Tips from experts

Hiring a professional service for spring cleaning is mainly done to avoid the allergies. But yet, it is also useful to know some ground rules of avoiding allergies so that anybody who wants to clean up his/her home himself, can do it without facing much problem.

Spring Cleaning

Here are some tips from professional house-cleaners on how to deal with allergies before beginning spring cleaning:

∙ Know what type of allergens make you suffer.

Getting it diagnosed by an ENT doctor will make you aware of the specific allergens and avoid them while doing a cleaning job. This minimizes the possibility of you getting affected by spring cleaning allergies.

∙ Use a vacuum having a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter while sweeping.

To protect yourself more, wear masks or goggles to resist the dust particles during cleaning.

∙ Avoid cleaning products that don’t have a fragrance as they worsen the allergy symptoms.

The ingredient odor can be seen listed on the cleaning equipment. It always better for those who have allergy to use green products for cleaning purpose.

∙ Always carry out the cleaning job in an organized manner – from top to bottom, left to right and inside to outside.

Haphazard cleaning can expose you more to dust. Also, do not use a dust-cleaning tool that spreads the dust more instead of capturing it purposefully. A wet microfiber cloth can be handy in this pursuit than say a feather duster.

∙ Open or close the windows while cleaning depending on the nature of allergens that make you suffer.

If inside dust makes your senses burn, open the windows. But if it is outside pollen which is the villain, keep the windows closed.

∙ Ensure there is no stagnant water.

Spring is a good time to clean places having stagnant water as that could be a reason for mold allergy. Any leak in any pipes? Include it in your spring-cleaning plan.

∙ Do not let your bedroom’s privacy keep it dirty.

Many people hesitate to allow professional cleaners into their bedrooms, sparing the dust and dirt there. It is advised to change the habit, even if that requires you to monitor the room while the cleaning goes on. This is for your own good.

Spring Cleaning

Some tips for spring cleaning in Singapore

Here are some handy tips that can help the house owner to guarantee that their premises remain free from unwanted dirt:

∙ Chalk out your plan of action so that small details are not missed

∙ Don’t allow you house to get cluttered by things that grow a sentimental bonding with the family. A lot of small things can be removed by means of donation or selling off so that you and your family live healthily.

∙ Though Singapore is known to have a winter season like in many other countries, but you still might have some warm clothes piled up. Get them washed and place them in a place which is safe from bugs and dust.

∙ Get the room ventilators and air-conditioning ducts checked as a lot of dirt can gather in them prior to spring. It not only reduces the chances of causing allergies but makes you ready for a cooler summer which follows spring. Call professionals to do this part as well.

Allergies at the time of spring cleaning can thus be tackled effectively, given we follow certain measures. Hiring a professional team to clean your home during spring is always a better idea but if you follow the tips given above, it is never too difficult a task to clean up your own house by yourself, the threats of allergy notwithstanding.

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