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A Complete Guide For Spring Cleaning In Singapore

Spring is a time of year when many people are inspired to work on their homes. Whether it is carrying out repairs and decorating or whether it is cleaning, clearing out clutter, and generally getting the property looking great inside and out, a good spring clean is something that a lot of people like to do every year. There are many different things that you can do in order to ensure your home is sparkling when spring rolls around. By carrying out a spring clean each year, you can also ensure that your home is in great shape ready for the summer, so you can make the most of the warmer months with the hard work already finished. A lot of people decide that the spring is a great time to refresh the decor in the property, and with this in mind, they re-paper or get to work on painting. It is also a great time to replace things such as drapes and cushion covers, getting rid of the darker winter colours and switching to lighter ones ready for the spring and summer. You can even get to work on the garden and exterior areas doing everything from planting your spring bulbs through to carrying out minor repairs and paint jobs outside.

Spring Cleaning

For those contemplating giving their place a spruce-up, I have listed a selection of tips that can be used by home owners and domestic cleaners in Singapore.

1. Let’s start with doormats:

Try giving them a good sweep and maybe even a soaking in soap or a very mild detergent. They will have been subjected to some serious weather and trampling since arriving from the local store so treat them to a facelift.

2. Windows are often neglected particularly inside your property as these are not serviced by your window cleaner:

You can clean them with a proprietary cleaner or you can make your own solution with the following method. Use one-part white vinegar and one-part hot water, decanting the mixed solution in a spray bottle and wiping off the residue with an old newspaper. It is important to remember to clean your windows when they are not in direct sunlight as the heat will dry the solution too quickly and form streaks.

3. Dusting is a task only enjoyed by the few:

When you begin dusting, start from the highest point and work to the lowest. Remember to clean all of the hard-to-reach areas as a priority as they have probably been avoided for some time. This may include ceiling fans, fridge/freezers, kitchen wall units, light fittings, furniture such as bookcases etc. Remember to remove the contents of open display cabinets such as ornaments, books or CD's and give them a quick once over with a soft duster before returning them to their rightful place.

Spring Cleaning

4. When faced with carpets and upholstery:

clean all free standing rugs and carpets outside by beating them over a washing line. The same goes for pillows and cushions. Vacuum your main carpets and use a suitable cleaner and stain remover for ingrained stains. Remember to review the care labels on the cleaning materials and read the labels on the actual fabrics. It is suggested that you try your cleaning product on the edge of a carpet first. If there is a problem, it will be less noticeable.

5. One area often overlooked is to clean your walls:

Strange as it may seem, walls may not look particularly dirty but you should brush them down first and then give each one a wipe with a sponge soaked in a weak mix of hot water and Fairy Liquid. This should be done at least once a year particularly if you are a smoker.

6. Dusting the Skirting Boards:

When you go around your property you will vacuum the floor and dust the surfaces and this is normal. However it is also important to remember to get any dust and dirt off of the skirting boards and this is something people don't always remember. To do this you can go around with the nozzle of a vacuum cleaner or with a bottle of polish and a dry cloth and either way this would help you to make the walls look a lot brighter and will prevent people from looking down and noticing an off putting patch of dust and dirt.

Spring Cleaning

7. Cleaning Ornaments:

Dusting surfaces shouldn't mean going around your ornaments and objects when you are doing a spring clean it should mean picking them all up to dust underneath and around them properly. Likewise, it should also mean dusting the ornaments themselves or rinsing them under a tap and you'd be surprised at how a statue or model can collect little piles of dust in the cracks and details.

Spring Cleaning Services in Singapore

A spring clean can be as extensive as you choose to make it and can be quite exhaustive, particularly if you are not as mobile as you once were. Thankfully there are many reputable cleaning companies who will happily arrange a spring clean for you and supply the cleaners. It is possible to use services to do your spring house cleaning for you and these companies will come in and give your home a thorough clean that will ensure it looks sparkling clean. These companies take the work off of your shoulders and do a more thorough job than you might know to do yourself, though you will still likely do some cleaning to go alongside it.
Many cleaning companies require a significant amount of notice so booking in advance is essential. If you are in a particular hurry, a limited amount of businesses specialise in short-notice spring cleaning which has distinct advantages for the client.

In order to ensure quality services, it’s good to hire the best company which offers quality spring cleaning. The following are factors to consider.

1. Make sure they are licensed. The company you choose must be registered and possess all the necessary credentials.
2. Make sure that they use eco-friendly cleaning products. You don’t want to expose yourself, your family, and pets to diseases. Make sure that the products are safe.
3. The company should have a good reputation and provide cost effective services.
4. The company should have experienced professionals who will not mess up with everything but do a professional job.
This guide will help you to clean your home perfectly during spring. Remember to work within your own limits as home cleaning is only as safe as you make it.

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Spring Cleaning Singapore - Your one stop solution for all types Spring Cleaning Services in Singapore

Spring Cleaning Singapore - Your one stop solution for all types Spring Cleaning Services in Singapore

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