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8 Important Things To For Office Spring Cleaning

When spring comes knocking it gives you a break from the cold of the winter. As the plants begin to grow and flowers boom, you want the atmosphere in your office to be equally fresh. If you reside in Singapore then there are numerous things you can do to make your office clean this spring. There is no need to hassle a lot when you are aware of what to do and how you should do it. Below are quick tips to help lessen your workload and make office spring cleaning enjoyable.

Office Cleaning

1. Plan and create time for cleaning

Spring cleaning is done once a year hence the need for proper prior planning. Besides, the office is not like your home since many people are involved. Designate a specific time in your calendar for cleaning. Everyone should be made aware of this date and even a reminder set. All customers and staff should be well prepared for the interruptions that are bound to take place on this day.
As you plan, also set goals on what you want to achieve with the cleaning. Let everybody know which areas will be cleaned by who and at what time. Also organize and have ready all the things you will need.

2. Clean and organize the office desks

An office desk is normally the workstation of every staff. The desk area is usually a hub of activities and most people equate it to a toilet seat.
Tips to make your desk clean and organized
· Sort out your stack of papers
The truth is that your desk has tons of papers, most of which you do not need. Put aside all the papers you will need and discard those that have no value.
· Create a filing system
This is necessary for future print outs, so that your cleaning efforts do not go in vain. Always remember to file any documents that you print as soon as they are ready.
· Separate supplies from frequently used items
Apart from papers there are other things you will need to use on a daily basis. Things such as planners, pens and post it notes should be on your desk and within reach. Other less used stuff like paper clips, staplers, envelopes and tapes should be carefully kept inside your desk.

3. Organize your computer

This is also another aspect of office spring cleaning which is not as physical as other tasks involved. However it is very important and determines whether you will have a neat desk or not. Just as you tidy up the physical desktop, the virtual desktop also needs to be de-cluttered. In order to clear the desktop background, file all the documents you use and send those which are of no value to the recycle bin. Important documents are best kept in a documents folder that you can easily access. This ensures you have a neat desktop and you do not waste time in looking for documents.

4. Clean communal areas

Communal places like the kitchen, toilet and bathroom provide an opportunity for the office staff to socialize. Unfortunately, it is in these areas that dirt accumulate very quickly. Be prepared for this because communal areas will require a lot of energy to clean.
Tips to make the office communal areas spotless this spring
· Be ready with quality rubber gloves, disinfectants and all-purpose cleaners.
· Thoroughly scrub the kitchen microwaves, cookers and fridges.
· The entire kitchen should be cleaned using water, distilled white vinegar and lemon. White vinegar will remove any foul smell and drive away insects that camp in your kitchen.

Office Spring Cleaning

5. Clean the office windows using water and vinegar

This will only require a mixture of vinegar and water in equal proportions. Once you have your cleaner ready, just get a sponge or a squeegee. Once you are done cleaning ensure your rinse and dry the windows. For the window sills a fine microfiber cloth is all you need to make them glow.

6. Clean the general office area

You had organized your desk, now it’s time to turn your attention to other areas. The floors and the walls need serious scrubbing. Steam cleaning is very ideal for such areas as it ensures even the most stubborn dust and dirt is lifted off the ground. In addition to that it gives the wall surfaces a nice polished look.

7. Get the office carpets professionally cleaned
Spending something small on professional carpet cleaning is actually worth it. This is due to the fact that office carpets really harbor a lot of dirt and stains. With all the office cleaning to do, it would be unfair to involve the staff in washing the extremely dirty carpets. This will only drain their energy. Besides, Singapore has numerous professional carpet cleaners whom you can engage their services. They will come armed with the required cleaning solutions as well as top notch equipment. They also know how to properly vacuum the carpets so that you can enjoy fresh air thereafter.

8. Use lavender and air fresheners to remove bad odor

After all the day’s struggles, you no longer want to feel the smell of dirt and any other germs that you were battling. The best way to guarantee your clients and staff fresh air is through using lavender as well as other air fresheners. Air fresheners masks the unpleasant smell by releasing a sweet trail that is far much stronger. Lavender has natural oils with a characteristic pleasant scent that freshens the air.


Office spring cleaning might look like an uphill task but it’s worth it. Also when cleaning ensure you do it from top down. For instance start with the walls then later the floor. This will save you from engaging in redundant work. Also note that spring cleaning is a yearly activity so put in place some mechanisms to ensure it easier when that time comes. For example ensure you wipe your desk and confirm if you have enough supplies every week. Also try and go through your paperwork and sort them out at least every month. Finally schedule spring cleaning yearly, the initial one may be tedious but if you maintain the routine then cleaning your office in subsequent springs will be quite easy.

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