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8 Easy Steps To Spring Clean Your Office

Most of the people judge efficiency of an office through its cleanliness. Though cleanliness of a work place has nothing to do with its working capability but still an organised workplace can reduce the mental stress of its workers along with increasing their productivity. If the place is not cleaned for long time then things get stacked up to give a messy look. Whether you are working in Singapore or at any other location spring cleaning in the office area is necessary to maintain its sanctity as well as decorum. Some easy tips are provided in this write-up to help you in this regard.

Spring Cleaning Office

Arrange the time: First step for spring cleaning your office is to make a timetable for it. You must have lots of time at your hand before starting to clean your workplace effectively. In order to avoid interruptions you can take some simple steps as:
· Set a plan to accomplish the spring cleaning work in your office effectively

· Set a reminder in your phone after scheduling the time for cleaning the work place.
· Inform all the co-workers and other staff members about you cleaning plan to avoid any interruption
· Divide cleaning work into various schedules, if you have to tackle enormous mess in your place of work which cannot be cleaned in one day.
· Organise each area of your workplace according to its scheduled to-do list.
· Tackle the problematic area of your place of work at first after identifying them
· Arrange the tools required for this purpose in advance to avoid delay in completing the job.

Sort out old documents:

Your second step while spring cleaning your office area should be to sort out all the old documents in your place of work, organised and non-organised. You should start from your desktop and go through your drawers and cupboards to finish this task easily. Though it can be difficult to reject any official document immediately but still you can put such documents aside to decide on them later on. You should sort all the documents on the basis of their importance and frequency of need.

Arrange the papers systematically:

After separating unnecessary documents you should arrange rest of the documents systematically while spring cleaning your office so that you can easily find them whenever needed, without wasting time. You can arrange them in file folders, sorters on the desktop, wall files or stack in trays as per your preferences and need. In order to be more specific you can label them according to their importance and utility.

Organize supplies according to their utility:

Next thing to be considered while spring cleaning your office space is to re-organise the supplies on your desk according to their utility. You should sot them out on the basis of frequency of their use. If you use them daily, like pen, tape dispenser, pencils, calculator, computer and stapler etc. then you should put them close to you either on the desk or any of the drawers nearby you. Some of the supplies which you need occasionally like paper clips, binder clips, correction taps, tacks and rubber bands etc. can be placed in a cupboard near you so that you can find them easily whenever needed.

Spring Cleaning Office

Divide into various zones:

You can divide your office into zones if you cannot spare enough time to complete its spring cleaning in one or two time schedules only. By dividing your workplace into several zones you can easily complete their cleaning schedules one by one. In this way you will be able to clean up your entire work place without disturbing the work schedule of its other zones.
Disinfect the place: After reorganising the papers and supplies you will have to start real spring cleaning of your office area by disinfecting it thoroughly. You should wipe out dust and germs from your phone, computer and its keyboard along with other important accessories in your work place to disinfect them from germs gathering on them.

Deal with electronic devices:

Various electronic devices are used these days in the offices like computers, laptops and printers etc. which have enormous storage space. You should open the files in their memory and sort them out according to their utility and importance and delete the files which you might have not ever or rarely used since you have downloaded them while spring cleaning your workplace. In this way you will be able to create additional space on your electronic devices to store more important things on them for future use.

Maintenance of cleanliness:

After completing the scheduled spring cleaning of your office for this season you should plan to maintain its cleanliness so that you can complete such schedule very easily in the next season. You can make maintenance plans on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis so that you need not plan a special schedule for this purpose in the future.
· In daily cleaning schedule you can de-clutter you desktop within few minutes by putting unnecessary files and accessories on their scheduled place. It will make you desk look tidy and clean.

· In weekly schedule while cleaning your desk you can focus on checking the supplies you have used during the week so that you can restock the deficient items. You should also wipe down the desk after using it for a week to make it germfree and clean.

· You monthly maintenance cleaning schedule should include the checking of the documents to avoid their unnecessary piling up. You can file the papers lying on your desk into their respective files and arrange the files properly at their scheduled place to give a tidy look to your entire office.

· The annual spring cleaning schedule for your workplace can be completed very easily within very short time if you have followed the daily, weekly and monthly cleaning plans discussed here above. You only have to do routine cleaning at your place of work if you have maintained its cleanliness throughout the year.

Thus, spring cleaning of an office in Singapore can be done very easily by following the 8 easy steps provided in this write-up.

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