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Give Your Home A Brand New Look With These 14 Simple Spring Cleaning Tips

One harsh truth of life is, dirt happens. As sure as the seasons change and kids grow up, so will dirt and dust go in and out of our house. Spring cleaning is an old, good tradition that reminds us of the most dreaded cleaning blitz. But it doesn't have to be that way. Spring cleaning can be that wonderful time of the year when we can give our home a fresh new look. And also allow ourselves to enjoy the freedom of a clean surrounding. It doesn't need to be a difficult chore done by one person. Let me share with you simple tricks that will transform the biggest and most feared cleaning tasks, into small and fun mini-house-projects instead.

Spring Cleaning Tips

Here are 14 effortless tips for easy spring cleaning this season.

1. Create your plan of attack.

Before cleaning the whole house, pause for a moment and plan. By thinking first what needs to be done, you save time and energy. Don't do things at random. Look around and observe the different areas of your home. Figure out which ones need immediate cleaning and which ones can wait for a while. If most rooms seem to require urgent cleaning, create a priority list. Prioritize rooms that are frequently used. Work on your list one by one. Never let yourself be overwhelmed by how much cleaning you need to do. Just focus on one area based on your priority list. Make a realistic schedule. Put into calendar the rooms that you plan to clean. It will help you visualize how long it takes to clean the whole property. Consider the top-to-bottom strategy. It will make your cleaning efforts efficient so that you don't need to repeat tasks. For example, you will have to dust off the ceiling fans first before cleaning the floor area. Else, the dust will spread through the floor and you will have to clean again.

2. Throw away the junk.

We accumulate many things when seasons change. They may be stuff that are not useful anymore. Sort them out and de-clutter. Look in your closet, magazine stand, book shelf, shoe rack. Look everywhere! Simply put away those items that aren't needed. Throw away the junk. Consider items that you can donate. Free up your space by giving.

3. Make mops and dust rags your new best friends.

Embrace the reality that you need to clean out. The dusty corners may need to be vacuumed. Your tables, chairs and appliances may need to be wiped off. The floors in all of the rooms in your house and the toilet, may need to be mopped. Just do the job with your mop and dust rags. Think of the task as a physical workout. Not only it can burn calories in your body, but also it can satisfy your sight with a clean and beautiful house.

4. Use green products.

Spring cleaning is best enjoyed when we use products that are both environment-friendly and safe for our health. Don't give in to the quick-result promises of toxic and chemical cleaning products. They can cause skin irritations and respiratory disorders. Choose wisely. Better yet, use home-based products like vinegar, lemon, baking soda and many others.

5. Clean the unseen dirt.

Expose the hidden dirt around the house corners, underneath large furniture's and in the hard to reach areas of the kitchen. Think of the dirt that have accumulated in these places for the whole year. Now is the perfect time to get rid of the bacteria, allergens and bugs that may have settled there.

Spring Cleaning Tips

6. Keep a fresh and clean air quality at home.

Check everything that affects the quality of air breathed at home. It may be time to clean the air cooling systems, including electric fans and air conditioners. For a true breeze of fresh air, just open the windows.

7. Tidy up the kitchen.

A clean kitchen inspires the family chef. More than that, a clean kitchen means clean food and good health. Clean and disinfect areas used for preparing, consuming and storing of food. Consider your refrigerator, dishwasher, pantry, cooker and oven.

8. Make the windows clean and clear.

Give it a go with a heavy dusting on your window curtains and blinds. Dusts are usually trapped here and become stuck in some parts. The windows may need to be scrubbed thoroughly with soap and water to make it clear again.

9. Freshen up and sanitize the toilet.

The bathroom is one of the regularly cleaned rooms due to its daily use. Spring cleaning may inspire you to clean those corners that we don't give much attention during regular cleaning. It may be the bathtub, toilet floor and walls that require mopping and scrubbing.

10. Maintain an organized laundry area.

Dirty clothes and other unwanted laundry items are usually piled up in the laundry area. However, it's not an excuse to exempt this space from cleaning. In addition, the laundry area must be checked more often. Make sure the pipes are not leaking, there are no clogs, and water can freely flow.

Spring Cleaning Tips

11. Add some love to your bedroom.

Why not give your resting place the cleanliness it deserves? Aside from cleaning out the floor, wardrobe, bed and furniture's, also check if it's time to get new pillows and blankets that are free from unseen dust and bugs.

12. Paint your walls.

Give your walls a new glow by adding a fresh coat of paint. Painting your walls may not be a technical cleaning technique, but it makes your house shine. It goes together with all the spring cleaning efforts happening around the place.

13. Give your carpet a makeover.

Consider giving a tough makeover to the part of the house that's often overlooked, the carpet and the floor. To give back life to your carpet, try whether scrubbing and applying a cleanser will do the job. Give your floor a good map and polish it after.

14. Have a good attitude while cleaning.

This is the best spring cleaning tip. It's the one that makes all tasks possible. Spring cleaning can be effortless if you stay positive about it. Believe that all cleaning tasks can be done, and so, they will be done.

Seeing the end result of spring cleaning can definitely motivate you when starting out. Maybe your house is like a giant dirt that you need to fight on and clean. Don't lose hope by doing it alone. Ask help from family members. They will gladly help when you communicate right what needs to be done. If there are tough areas to clean, you may want to consider getting a professional help. They are well-equipped in handling difficult cleaning jobs. Cleaning your house to the best you can is all worth it. Remember, a clean home is a happy home.

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Spring Cleaning Singapore - Your one stop solution for all types Spring Cleaning Services in Singapore

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